'RHYME TRAVELING' Ep out on Tokyo Dawn Records 29.01.2018

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Colonel Red continues to represent Birmingham and stay relevant across borders, pushing boundaries and spreading good vibes!”

— Kense

Good Stuff! Support on my radioshow”

— Kai ByteFM

The funk gets deep with this album. Amazing! Full Support.”

— DJ Ausar 89.3 FM WRFG (The Kalakuta Show) Soulandjazz.com (Body Music)


Rhyme Traveling is the latest kitchen cooked funk offering from musical poet Colonel  Red. This steel rimmed EP brings rhymes & beats to blend time and space. "I rhyme travel to travel rhyme", says Redz. 

Rhyme Traveling's opening track 'Pride' is a total funk plate of elation, lyrically inspired while musically on fire. Along with 'State of Alarm', 'Make Life GuD 4 U' and 'My Spoetry', Colonel Red demonstrates how strong and meaningful rhymes can guide the heaviest of beats. Sheer musical poetry shines through, echoing the sound of Birmingham towns' industry and the cultural roots of The Americas - both environments having had a very strong influence on the Colonel Red vibration we have come to know and love. 


Another excellent piece of work from Mr Red”

— Dave Soulm8

Wow what a great offering this....full support!”

— Clive Bean DJ/Soulcandi

100% Class! As Always!”

— Enrique Domenech Enrique Domenech | Freeforms

Colonel Red New Music 'WIRELESS SOLDIERZ' ' EP out on Tokyo Dawn Records 07.03.2017





Check out his newest offering, Colonel Red - Wireless Soldierz (preview), which was let loose into the world on Saturday, June 24, 2017. http://www.tokyodawn.net/colonel_red-wireless_soldierz/ He has put his name in the spotlight with his new smash hit Colonel Red - Wireless Soldierz (preview). This awesome track is one of the best of the year! We're excited to see what comes from his creative mind next.”


Turn up to his latest hit, Colonel Red - Wireless Soldierz, which saw the light of day on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Our friend has really raised the bar for rap artists everywhere with his new release, Colonel Red - Wireless Soldierz. This groundbreaking track is a glimpse of his bright future. We can't wait to see how much he will revolutionize the industry.”


Some more heat coming out of the Tokyo Dawn Records camp to start your week off with. Tokyo Dawn, who have been publishing music since the beginning, the pioneers of the netaudio scene reconvened in 2009 and continued getting unique stuff out to the people with a variety of bands and sounds. The latest from Colonel Red, “Wireless Soldierz” is a soul filled bag that cures what ails you. This comes off a seven track EP of the same name that contains elements of deep funk, as the good colonel’s vocals take you higher like Sly and deal with social issues on tracks like “The Same Stop Game”, Mixing it up, there is some future funk on “Sunspot”, as well as some deep electronic soul on “You Make Me Feel Right” and “Wake”. We particularly dig “Redlight”, who’s slow and dusty feel fill you up and give you the feels like nothing else. Shades of Otis, Al, and Aloe Blacc give way to some tight synthy grooves that have that super late night, after hours vibe. We’re talking Roger getting sexy w/out the talk box. Rounding out this 30 minute and a half of music is the track “Stand”, which is on some 90’s R &B ish is a perfect way to finish this EP. We are impressed with Colonel Red’s latest effort, and you will be too. ”

Flea Market Funk

SixStep.fm 1st Anniversary Celebration April 22,2017

Back in 2007 I was approached by The FaT Lady Team that then consisted of DJ CuT NicE/DJ Civil/DJLucky Dubz/DJ Theolonius & Guests, to host & perform the up & coming Fat Lady events. 

A concept that was pioneered & driven by Roos Hylarides, the behind the scenes master who always comes to the fore in orchestrating the design & direction of every project she embarks upon. 

Over the next several years this very dedicated & committed team work created this special family and the foundation of what has now become the ever growing SixStep.fm 'Live' radio broadcasts; one of the brightest & most creative musical movements to evolve out of the eclectic Rotterdam Music Scene. 

BrainChild of Miraldo Walden aka CuT NicE! the very 1st to introduce a concept of this kind. 

Today marks the 1st Anniversary celebration of SixStep.fm & I have had the honour of being invited onto the SixStep.fm Show to host & perform classic Colonel Red tunes fresh off the press at this event. 

The very personality & ethos of SixStep.fm is to showcase real talent regardless of industry time & place politics, that which has kept many of us creatives in our so called 'creative place'. 

SixStep.fm is a platform for DJ's, Singers, & Producers alike to come & connect to the essence of what making & sharing music is truly all about; our common love for the music we make, the music we love, & the love we have for one another. 

I Salute Miraldo CuT NicE Walden for starting something we can all be proud to be a part of.
1L Colonel Red aka Nicholas S Romillie



April 22nd, 2017 sees SixStep.fm celebrate their 1st Anniversary with a line up of renowned global hopping DJ’s ,…hosted by the UK’s consummate recording performing artiste, Colonel Red. 

SixStep.fm , Stylized Rhythmic Music, in it’s purest form, the brainchild of Miraldo 'CutNice' Walden, an accomplished DJ of thirty years, along with the encouraging support and expertise from his wife Roos Hylarides, inspired by Miraldo’s eclectic plethora of vinyl, ‘black gold’ as it was referred to in the day, have created SixStep.fm, an on line ‘travelling’ radio platform. 

With Miraldo’s roots steeped in the Bboy scene, SixStep, the name, pays homage to the 6-step , the basic sequence of breakdancing footwork. 

Miraldo’s diverse and expansive range of music that includes Hiphop, Soul, Neo Soul, Jazz, Brazil, Latin, Electronic, Afro beat, Break beat, Funk, Disco and , and,... 

along with his desire to share his passion by spinning the best in underground music with ‘his partner in crime’ & a great DJ talent, MrZoe, at home broadcasting their ‘GET ROCK STEADY SHOW ’ live from HipHopHuis Rotterdam (NL) featuring renowned DJ's from all over, to performing across the globe at festivals, has true music lovers tuning into SixStep.fm in increasing numbers. 

In Miraldo’s very own words, 

‘ SixStep means to me, musical freedom.’ 

The future is in the detail with SixStep.fm

experience infectious music, rhythm and style; lock on to


"I look in the mirror & what do I see? I see a blue eyed black man staring back at me" this would make for the premise of what would be my reintroduction into the creative music scene, & this introduction was & is my way of introducing myself, so that if there were to be any questions as to my colour, to where I stand &/or to my state of mind!? then this song 'Blue Eye Blak' will represent my truest feelings & the way I see myself in this world. Colonel Red aka Nicholas S Romillie <3 

After completing the Colonel Red tempestuous debut album 'Blue Eye Blak' in 2003-released in 2005 Redz set to work on many fronts 1stly putting the live band together that would tour the UK & Europe 2ndly collaborations that would follow... both these aspects of the Blue Eye Blak campaign would bring renditions for the live set & remixes from Vinyl release's... The beautiful thing about finally releasing music that has been worked on over long periods of time.. is never knowing where this music is going to end up!? the Blue Eye Blak single/Ep was released by 'People' records as the last in a line up of release's off the Blue Eye Blak album with remixes from Flowriders / Delgui & a critically acclaimed Acoustic rendition of the title track. The Blue Eye Blak original version was later placed on the Gilles Peterson's Brownswood compilation album series 1 which went onto to reach listeners worldwide & in turn contribute towards Colonel Red's ever growing audience. This magnificent Ep is another in the Colonel Red collection to come back home.. never digitally released before now,.. Ink Rebellion is proud to announce the 're release' of the 'Blue Eye Blak Ep in 2017


2010 saw the release of the 'Bring iT Ep' A collection of Sweet Liberation remixes
from Dj/Producers around the world.. together with radical rhythm tracks 'Inside is Light' & 'What You Sayin' Down There'
all congeal in making this Ep a powerful & potent selection.
Now in 2017 Ink Rebellion moves to re-release this 'Giant' with the love & care it truly deserves,..  
'What You Sayin Down There' speaks with raddical rhythms crossing the T's but not dotting the i's...
featured guest producers include: Kaidi Tatham / Bugz in The Attic / Souled / YellowTail / C.O.N.E & Greg Smith..
COLONEL RED Music 2017 www.colonelred.com/music-store

2010 saw the release of the 'Bring iT Ep' A collection of Sweet Liberation remixes from Dj/Producers around the world.. together with radical rhythm tracks 'Inside is Light' & 'What You Sayin' Down There' all congeal in making this Ep a powerful & potent selection. Now in 2017 Ink Rebellion moves to re-release this 'Giant' with the love & care it truly deserves,..
'What You Sayin Down There' speaks with raddical rhythms crossing the T's but not dotting the i's... featured guest producers include: Kaidi Tatham / Bugz in The Attic / Souled / YellowTail / C.O.N.E & Greg Smith.. COLONEL RED Music 2017 www.colonelred.com/music-store

What You Sayin' Down There.. 
my rampant response to an experience 
is to jump up & down & make a lot of noise 
Ive tried to temper this all my life.. but have failed 
miserably.. its just not in my culture.. a culture I proudly call my birth right 
Where I come from, we reason, explore, get excited about findings 
show our emotions, even at the risk of having those same said emotions 
used against you!!?! still this is who I am.. & to be perfectly honest.. 
this is who I love to be... I make mistakes this way, I get to hear myself 
& what I have to say for myself this way.. I fall down this way, I laugh this way 
I cry this way.. I get very angry this way, but this way is my way.. & cannot be taken away 
from me this way.... 
I can honestly say I experienced far more pain in my life by NoT expressing this way.. 
simply because 'for a short part of my life' I kept who I was & what I had to say for myself quiet, afraid of what the people in my life at that time would say!?! 
What a load of Bollox... I became ill by keeping quiet I became sad & depressed 
by not being who I really was...  So I said NO & am saying NO to being depressed NO to feeling sad.. 
F**k that sh*t right off... & although Ive had some of the most amazing experiences of my life, since saying NO to being quiet about who I am & what I believe.. Ive still experienced great sadness.. but at least I own that sadness just like I now own my joy... now I stand 100% in the knowledge that I will never ever let anyone or anything stop me from letting it be known how I feel again... please I beg you to do the same.. don't ever let anyone stand in the way of your personal happiness by trying to shut you down.. all because they either don't understand you or don't want to hear you.. if either of these be the case? then these are people you really don't need in your life...
My advice: change them before they change you. 
'What You Sayin' Down There'
1L  Colonel Red


Ink Rebellion presents arms.. only the, musical, lyrical, magical kind..
every release focused on an audience looking for something unique,
something different, yet at the same time, something not unfamiliar. 

Ink Rebellion born from the ashes of dexterous artiste label 'Ruff Language' 
has now become a vital part of the creative wheel & process of Colonel Red music. 
Our company is run by a select few talented, passionate & devoted people who 
remain receptive to bright new initiatives both new & old & combine these ideas with new school methods using old school values. 
Ink Rebellion strives to take a closer look at music & how we can bring this great music to as many listeners as humanly possible, over the years I have been exposed to many changes within the music industry & being a veteran of the sport, I can say with my hand on my heart, I feel as excited about the music I create as well as new music in general, as I did when I 1st started out many years ago, I owe this present feeling to Ink Rebellion for allowing me the creative freedom to simply do what comes natural to me & for teaching me so much about Independence & trusting my own judgement, qualities absolutely necessary if one is to stay true to one's 'he-art'. 
A massive thanks to all at Ink Rebellion & to all you out there supporting & purchasing COLONEL RED Music.

 Walls as featured on This Is Colonel Red album

Street Player 12″
In 2015 Matt Nelkin {Liquid Beats} contacted me with a rare but wonderful request,
to cover the Classic Funk Exemplar song 'Street Player';
but this was to be no ordinary cover.. this was to become a four piece
Giant consisting of one original cover & three psychedelia-esq renditions..
by Dj/Producers Roane Namuh, HOT16, Dain…
& of course the original cover by Matt Nelkin himself, the deal was..
let's create copies of the original song & then with these unique separate
musical pieces.. let's experiment a little & see where the moment takes us.
Given the creative freedom Matt had given me, I immediately set to work in
my Tribal Rhymes Studio Suite.. to create some of my best cover work to date.
Not only was it an absolute pleasure to work on this project, but I had the fortune
of working with some of the most professional Dj's & producers I have ever worked with,
I set to the task with ease.. I briefly got to know some of the nicest people
I have worked with for a very very long time.
Many Blessings to Matt & to the rest of the Portland crew for putting such a Work of Heart together..
I look forward to working on something this special again.
I'm sure that when many of you listeners out there hear the 'Street Player Ep' you will feel the same as I do..
that it's something special..
& the feeling I had right from the start of this project..
was that 'special' was exactly what it was going to be.
BiG - 'Street Player' 1 <3

Liquid Beat Records: Street Player 12″

So incredibly proud to announce that our latest release, the "Street Player" EP is now available digitally and on 12" Vinyl! 

The "Street Player" EP covers and re-imagines the Disco classic originally made famous by Chicago, and later sampled and turned into a House classic by Kenny Dope & The Bucketheads. 

With the help of the UK’s Colonel Red on all leading vocals, Liquid Beat’s crew of in-house producers each recreated unique covers of “Street Player” in their own signature styles. 

Label head Matt Nelkin’s version of “Street Player” is a tight, streamlined adaptation of the original that uses live players to add an updated soul and funk feel. Prolific producer HOT16 offers up a New Funk twist with intricate drum machine work, bass, guitar, and synths replacing the iconic horn lines perfectly. Roane Namuh on the other hand gives the whole composition a makeover transforming the track into a soulful Deep House groove with Colonel Red matching the lyrics perfectly around the rhythms. And lastly, Liquid Beat newcomer DaiN turns in an original, new school R&B styled composition that works as a culminating meditation on the Street Player theme. 

The “Street Player” EP was truly a labor of love by the entire Liquid Beat crew and is aimed strictly at DJs and music lovers with a passion for the past and an eye towards the future. Anyone who is familiar with the original version will find this release to be a welcome alternate and a sure shot crate staple. 

Street Player EP, by Roane Namuh, HOT16, DaiN, Matt Nelkin 


Enjoy all STREET PLAYER tracks here on Liquid Beat Bandcamp


Ink Rebellion presents arms.. only the, musical, lyrical, magical kind.. 
every release focused on an audience looking for something unique, 
something different, yet at the same time, something not unfamiliar. 
Ink Rebellion born from the ashes of dexterous artiste label 'Ruff Language' 
has now become a vital part of the creative wheel & process of Colonel Red music. 
Our company is run by a select few talented, passionate & devoted people who 
remain receptive to bright new initiatives both new & old & combine these ideas with new school methods using old school values. 
Ink Rebellion strives to take a closer look at music & how we can bring this great music to as many listeners as humanly possible, over the years I have been exposed to many changes within the music industry & being a veteran of the sport, I can say with my hand on my heart, I feel as excited about the music I create as well as new music in general, as I did when I 1st started out many years ago, I owe this present feeling to Ink Rebellion for allowing me the creative freedom to simply do what comes natural to me & for teaching me so much about Independence & trusting my own judgement, qualities absolutely necessary if one is to stay true to one's 'he-art'. 
A massive thanks to all at Ink Rebellion & to all you out there supporting & purchasing COLONEL RED Music.

WALLS as featured on the This Is Colonel Red album

Like much of the music I create 'Keep Walkin' has a special place in my heart, a true labour of love.. 

musically this albums influences are steeped in jazz both traditional & contemporary combining soul funk & reggae with lyrics that forage amongst the depths of personal intimacy to social commentary.. still the real potency of this record is its sense of musical adventure through rhythm & rhyme, listening now six years on from the making, up until its release in 2011, the experiences 'although at the time 'confronting' are still teaching me now.. on a very honest note, my attitude toward people in the music industry changed quite drastically during this period,.. only instead of inventing alternative monikers to work under, which is something I have done a few times during my career.. I reinvented my way of working, & with a little love & help from my friends 'you know who you are' Ive managed to become a stronger more articulate & more honest Artiste.. so its with absolute pleasure & excitement I welcome home the 'Keep Walkin' album a record I have longed to exploit & play with pride for many years, now for the very 1st time, I together with my team at 'Ink Rebellion' can share our joy for this album to honour the love & dedication that went into making it. 

Colonel Red aka Nicholas S Romillie

In the light of my creativity 
  I see opportunity. 
In the depths of my pain 
  I see myself. 
When I hear silence surround me 
  I feel much joy to reflect. 
When I hear the sound of music 
coming from earths core place, 
  I fly free 
from entanglement to experience the true rhythm of life 
This is the essence in which 
  I 'Keep Walkin' 
Colonel Red

Keep Walkin'


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Colonel Red's album 'Keep Walkin' released by TDR 2011,resonates with the rich influences and experiences of his heritage, yet still speaks with honest humility of familiar themes of faith, hope and love, that captures the essence of the contradictions and challenges that come our way, making the most of our lives, living our dreams and finding love in a society under pressure.

After numerous coops with funk and soul legends such as Earth Wind & Fire, Teddy Pendergrass, Anita Baker, Lenny White, Tony Allen and The Last Poets, Colonel Red decided to make a departure from the electronic studio sounds of his earlier productions and turn back to his musical roots. The deeply rhythmical hooks of 'Keep Walkin' take you on a soulsongal adventure through jazz, soul, funk and fusion.

The rich tapestry of themes embrace self empowerment in the voodoesque soul of 'Rain of Fall' with its ghostly piano. Other tracks like 'I Will Be There' take a sweet mournful road through the land of relationships. The backing music is organic with horn lines working subtle trade offs against guitar and keyboard melodies that provide an intimate atmosphere for the whole album. Colonel Red's voice carries the songs the way an eagle twists in the sky, at times whispering, floating and at other moments soaring high viewing the landscape below. Spoken word artist Ursula Rucker is the special guest on this album, shooting straight from the heart as familiar to listeners of The Roots and 4Hero. Altogether the compositional vision, sound and science of 'Keep Walkin' defines the past, present, and future of Colonel Red. A strong album that cannot be missing in any decent soul collection!

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  1. 1 I'm Colonel Red 04:55
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  2. 2 Free Feeling 03:48
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  3. 3 Rain A Fall 04:16
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  4. 4 I Will Be There 04:49
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  5. 5 Driving Me Crazy 04:44
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  6. 6 Systematic Mathamatik 03:08
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  7. 7 Pressure 04:23
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  8. 8 Living My Dream 04:15
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  9. 9 Gimme A Minute (feat. Ursula Rucker) 04:45
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  10. 10 Keep Walkin' 05:22
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  11. 11 Can We Work It Out 06:07
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  12. 12 Each And Every Way 04:26
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  13. 13 Woman 05:09
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  14. 14 The Anomaly 04:27
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  15. 15 'i" 02:15
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New York City Welcomes Pride n' Politix

Nikki Romillie Lead Vocalist with brother & saxphonist Carlton Romillie performing as 
Pride n' Politix along side Skip Anderson on keys & Tinker Barfield on bass  
S.O.B' s
Debut Show

Nikki Romillie Lead Vocalist with brother & saxphonist Carlton Romillie performing as Pride n' Politix along side Skip Anderson on keys & Tinker Barfield on bass
S.O.B' s NYC Debut Show

25 years ago Sylvia Rhone signed me, Nikki Romillie, to Atlantic Records along with fellow band members Robin Smith & Carlton Romillie.. together we recorded & performed as Jazz Pop trio 'Pride n' Politix', this would be the start of something special,.. flying out to LA to record our very 1st album, working with incredible artistes such as Jerry Hey & the Seawinds, Alex Acuna, The James Cleveland Gospel Choir, Lenny Whyte, Skip Anderson, Tinker Barfield, to name a few & also signing a sizeable Publishing deal with Warner Bros,which introduced us to a whole host of top recording artistes who were signed to Warners at that time, including Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, Gerald Levert, Amp Fiddler,ten City, Lisa Fisher again to name a few, we performed & toured the US, establishing ourselves as being a UK talented musical force both in the studio & live on stage.

New York Welcomes Pride n' Politix.. 

Atlantic Boss Sylvia Rhone, presents her latest signing to a star studded audience including, Ice Cube, Yo Yo, Mick Murphy, Nial Rodgers & a host of top company exec celebrities from the music industry. If it wasn't mind blowing enough to be performing in NYC  in the middle of the annual music seminar,
the band live on stage to support Pride n' Politix, were none other than the 'Luther Vandross' band which included Skip Anderson & Tinker Barfield.. 
It was a magical night & a launch party that would mark the beginning of the Pride n' Politix US radio/live show tour.

Set in the exotic location of NYC's  S.O.B Club, the infamous live music spot where many acts appear & then go onto great things.
After grueling months of recording & rehearsals between London & New York, we finally had the privilege of performing our new album 'Changes' in front of a live & wonderful audience.. scary at 1st, still as soon as we hit the stage, it was hot on all cylinders as we performed with excellence & ease, as we had lived & worked toward this moment, time & time again in rehearsals as well as in our dreams.. only now it was real.. 

The plan was to fly us to the Montreux Jazz Festival as soon as we came off stage in New York,.. sadly a miss calculation because of the time difference prevented this from happening.. so the very next morning we set off on our US tour starting with the whole West coast. 

To be slick, sparse, highly styled & detached from the norm was how it was back in the late eighties to early nineties.. we were like actors back then, we got dressed up to party & perform.. it was all about escape, taking the crowd with you on a journey, what was real was that it was unreal, a fantasy & we loved every second..hard work paying off is when after hours & hours of dedication & focus.. you simply let go & share your god given talent with all who love to appreciate artistic freedom & expression, embellished in great music.


'The House of Colonel Red' release's
is the brand new release on the Ink Rebellion label 
from Neo Soul Rock Giant Colonel Red. 


Storming the dance with this Majestic Steel Plate in clubs worldwide, the Legacy Ep is a broken soul street funk, sweetened with the deep n prophetic raspy sound of
Colonel Red's soaring high powered vocals.. 
Colonel Red 'brings the rush' with his very own unique brand of tribal rock funk. 
The 'Legacy Ep' has it down cold, with each track riveting, funkular & fresh with melody, the fusion here is one of a kind, rampant, transient & totally joyous. Top line hooks carry weightlessly across crazy fugue beats, while the verse's nail you with profound meaning, 
Redz is clearly holding nothing back as he sparses the mix from 'Overide' to 
 'Change the Light' 
This 6 track player is reminiscent of the days when Co-oP unleashed its musical magic upon audiences everywhere ruling the new & uncertain future of Neo Soul music with explosive diversity reaching all of the key music lead cities with a buzz still lingering to this very day. 
'Stand Different' but don't 'Stand Alone', says Redz..’ then you have a true direction for yourself, your life & the music you make.’ The West London Broken scene is where it all started back in the mid 90's with some of the most forward thinking producers & Dj's on the music scene at that time. Bugz in the Attic's Afronaut / Daz IQ & Kaidi Tatham / IG Culture / 4Hero's Marc Mac & Dego are some of the most revered for bringing great songs to radical broken beats, not only setting an incredible atmosphere, they also set the bar pretty high for all that followed. Colonel Red being one of them.
Although a veteran of the art with his earlier work on major labels including Atlantic, Warner Bros & Sony, through the 90's, Redz was introduced to the broken scene at the turn of the Millennium when good friend & colleague Paul Martin {Talkin Loud / Gilles Peterson} invited Redz to guest on the critically acclaimed ‘Beatless’ album as a featured artiste together with Alex Attias, Mark De Clive Lowe & Ed Motto to name a few. This collaboration would eventually turn into a 5 track feature for Colonel Red, establishing Redz as being the voice of Beatless & the start of a whole new era for Colonel Red earning him the title of being the most sought after vocalist on the international broken soul scene. Redz went on to collaborate with IG Culture & Kaidi Tatham on Liquid Biskit's 'Inner Wars' Ep, Sweet Abraham - 'All I Want' ,'Bugz in the Attic'/Daz IQ/Afronaut 'Soon Come', Alex Attias-'Pass the Chain'.
All tracks were big hitters catching the attention of producer-dj's abroad in Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, to name a few.
Now Colonel Red much in demand, pulls his artistic weight as a seasoned writer, no stranger to intense studio work fellow colleagues found Redz to be a writing wizard, etching endlessly from one song to the next. Later this would transpire from work on singles & Ep's to collaborations on albums. 1st came the Blue Eye Blak album Redz self produced, debut released in 2005 on the 'People' label, then came his co-productions on RUEDY- Flowriders, 'Feel Glorious' - Milez Benjiman, 'Sweet Liberation' - Colonel Red's follow up album to BEB, 'Crazy Breed' C.O.N.E/Colonel Red, which went on to produce another big floor hit with 'Victim'. Running along side these collabs were tracks 'Its gonna be alright', 'Let that sound out' & 'Feel the Rush', all tracks huge dance floor hits on this incredible Neo Soul Jazz scene. Redz joint ventures became endless. Now the Legacy continues, from the distant shores of North America where Redz now resides running his very own label & producing all Colonel Red music totally independent, empowered & a force to be reckoned with release after release of pure radical class. 


Proud and honoured to be a part of the Diverse Music Solutions forum. COLONEL RED - MY MUSIC STORY , as featured on the Diverse Music Solutions blog site, is a non-profit , social enterprise launched by musicians specifically to help unsigned and emerging artists with long term music related advice, ideas and answers.

                                       A mission that speaks to my heart, as the real issue & goal is to inspire others by our shared experiences to create synergy .
This very interaction, the sum of the total of our individual experiences, when combined, produces something great. We all possess something that is great and unique about us that needs to be shared.The very expression of our greatness, special in its own right, is our contribution to affect change. Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell , the founder of Diverse Music Solutions , had this goal in mind when he asked his colleges & fellow artists to share their story. Create the journey to be your special story.

ColonelRed MMS

#mymusicstory #creativeminds #growwithus

We’re sharing the music stories of industry veterans, aspiring young musicians and entrepreneurs to help others make informed decisions when shaping their own story. Artist COLONEL RED shares his story with us about how he started out.

CONCRETE SANDS – Birmingham birthplace of COLONEL RED

I’m here on a video shoot; ironic to be filming on the very stomping ground I used to travel so extensively with my guitar in one hand and my song sheets in the other. I would hang with many musicians, many styles, many ideas working on many different projects; from recording studios to rehearsal rooms, basement area’s and church halls, with only one aim – to make music and then record what we had made.

My earliest musical memory was experimenting with local bredrin playing reggae music, but to advance as a musician you really had to learn more about the rudiments of jazz blues and soul music styles. By the time I had reached my late teens to early twenties my very own brand of soul funk had started to dominate the sound I was creating, fused together with elements of blues and jazz.

Great to be in Birmingham, eventually became ‘great to be from Birmingham’. Although full of talent, this city was simply not big enough for any musician with ambition. London was not just the capital city of England, it was also one of the capital cities of the music industry. If any progress was to be made with my art it was going to be by making contact with people and companies who were based out of London town, where trends, sounds, strength of character and great ideas were developed and sold on through and around the world.

My 1st ever recording experience in the big city was at Harrow road’s ‘Addis Ababa’ studio’s – original home of Soul 2 Soul. This turned out to be my 1st ever vinyl release, a single called ‘Feel The Changes’ produced by Cliff Whyte, who like me, was originally from Birmingham, and had traveled down to London with the brief success of Mark Rodgers & Hollywood Beyond, as their chief engineer in the eighties.

This recording caught the interest of A&R man Darcus Beese, who at that time was a Junior A&R with Island records. Now, he is the President of Island records and the man responsible for signing Amy Winehouse and The Sugar Babes! Darcus invited me to come and record in Island’s famous Green Room Studios, where artists such as Bob Marley, Grace Jones and U2 all recorded their early demos. Once the demo was complete Darcus then took me on a record company tour that took us from Island to Big Life Records, Jazz Summers label & home label to ‘The Only Way Is Up’ singer Yazz!

The relationship between Darcus and myself would eventually lead to teaming me up with top writer/producer Robin Smith (Heatwave & Mike Oldfield) that would form soul fusion pop group ‘Pride n Politix’. After spending some time in Robin’s Maida Vale Studio, we, together with my brother Carl Rom – saxophonist & multi-instrumentalist – developed the quality crafted ‘Changes’ album. Robin on his way to Australia to work with top New Zealand singing artist Margaret Urlich, took the ‘Changes’ album with him, and at Robins very 1st meeting he managed to blow away Sylvia Rhone & Merlin Bobb at Atlantic/East West records,.. I still remember that phone call from Robin like it was yesterday,
Robin: Hey I think I just managed to get us a record deal today!!!!??????!!!!!!!! – he then goes on to explain the meeting he had with Giant Record boss in full.

Sylvia Rhone who was the mastermind behind the success of ‘En Vogue’ & ‘Simply Red’ at that time was also slowly becoming the most powerful woman in the music industry. Working her way up from receptionist at Atlantic to MD, was a sure sign she was not stopping there. Now we were not only signing a dream deal, but we were signed by the Boss herself, which meant great things may well be in store for us.

You can imagine our joy at one day riding the number 11 bus through the industrial streets of Birmingham, to being whisked off on first class flights to the paradisal setting of Los Angeles to record our 1st ever long player. Still in our hearts & minds, not to sound arrogant, everything was going to plan, as we knew this day would come, because aside from being confident and talented musicians, we were also very positive people who worked very hard indeed with the knowledge that these things don’t just happen, you have to be disciplined and dedicated.

The next few days and weeks saw all of us preparing for our trip to sunny California, where we would fly out to record our very 1st album at the luxury ‘Gardens Studio’ where Earth Wind & Fire had recorded so many of their hit records. The dream turned reality.

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Here Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell , DMS founder, shares with you his very own story,..Enjoy!

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Free download on signup 'Up In Sound' taken from COLONEL REDz 'Love Wars Ep'

This Neo Soul Rock offering reads inspiring & socially conscious from cover to cover. Its filmic qualities make it a great sounding album to listen to, as well as possessing a powerful visual presence, visualizing every song. 
Palace Full of Miracles' explores the Rhythm & Poetry of life, totally contagious, hinging on tension, both musically & actually; every note, lyric, hook & ad-lib has meaning, no periphery, only bare potency. 

COLONEL RED for the past few years has been making a clear departure from being a highly featured vocal artiste, appearing on all the latest & greatest,.from the West London Neo soul scene to the worldwide music scene all over.During the turn of the Millennium through till 2011 Redz purged himself as a broken soul don of this era.Still, 2012 saw a shift in Redz creative direction. With his debut release on the 'Ink Rebellion' label! the highly acclaimed album, 'Redlight' , entirely self produced, see's Redz now become the poetic architect, tapping into all aspects of his musical roots fusing an evocative uber-rhythmic groove with sublime & meaningful lyrics, all woven together by passionate vocal performances, defining what can only be described as COLONEL RED's very own British Urban Soul Rock. 
'Life in the Middle' has no place for me,' 'say's Redz'!,  'my heritage being born to a black father & a white mother  had a huge impact on me growing up as a child & still does right through to this very day as an artiste. The way I look at life & my place in the world, all stems from this point & the values I have to come to place upon music, which now fuels a greater good. 
My belief  that music  contains great healing powers inspires me no end to give my best & in doing so, receive the best in return. I try to reach as many people as humanly possible with the same inspiration that inspires me.' 

Life, love, philosophy & control are amongst the many topics expressed on COLONEL RED's latest studio long player, although musically influenced by an assortment of Soul Experimental Predecessors 'Palace Full of Miracles' is raw, enchanting, timeless & stands alone; once you listen, you will surely be touched by its’ magic. 

International release on iTunes 15.04.2015 

Today we are very proud to announce that COLONEL RED will be releasing his 4th solo album, ‘REDLIGHT’  03.28.14. on the Ink Rebellion label.

 COLONEL RED's 4th solo album 'REDLIGHT'  written, performed, produced & arranged by COLONEL REDis rhythmically exotic, poetically enchanting, lyrically prophetic & musically euphoric. While echoing socially aware commentary with song titles 'State of Alarm' & 'World Ain't Easy' this album invites you to indulge in Redz egotistical honesty, with songs such as 'Believe In Me' & 'MonuMental'; different, yes. Being entirely self produced by Redz, this album explores a musical explosion never heard by this cutting edge artist before.  COLONEL RED turns his studio, 'Tribal Rhymes', inside out to become his creative Aladin's cave, fusing  rock, soul, funk, blues, jazz & gospel styles to concoct the governing atmosphere of the 'REDLIGHT' long player. Combining the raspy hip hop/trip hop-esque vibe that carries the COLONEL's unique and heavy swing, delivering vocals, gritty, soulful, deep & poetic, through to sweet & angelic, most songs on the RL album vibrate across a fugue tribal like funk.

The exception, 'Change' which takes you on real slow walk through the rain, and 'Stay the Right Way’, is like Al green meets soul-step in the 21st century! ,with it’s horn stabs, rolling bass, pinning organ & the sound of heartbreaking vocals .
Entwining melodies, with sublime chord changes and mysterious synthetic keyboard lines, ramping edgy guitar work, locked tight to deep n sexy bass lines, circling on top of rampant intricate heavy funked out beats, reaching all the senses, once the last track has ended, you simply have to go back to track one to get your well needed fix. Maybe if you imagine, Sly Stone, Parlament, MeShell NDegeocello,Prince with a touch of D'Angelo all together in a studio being produced by Tricky in the days of Massive Attack, you just might have it, or simply put 'Redlight' is the Incredible sound of COLONEL RED. 
REDLIGHT is already receiving worldwide accolade for being one of most groundbreaking albums of 2014, as well as being Redz’ best ever work to date.
 Gilles Peterson of BBC RADIO 6 Music championed 'Believe In Me' to be a 'Worldwide Winner' in 2013, featuring this song repeatedly over many of his 'connecting the dots' radio show specials.
November 22nd 2013 saw the release of Believe In Me on Redz very own label 'Ink Rebellion' instantly become infectious being played & downloaded on every known medium site around the world.

released 28 March 2014 COLONEL RED Bandcamp

International release on iTunes:

Written, performed, produced & arranged by COLONEL RED

COLONEL RED – ‘Believe In Me’ debut single release on ‘Ink Rebellion’ label Nov.22nd,2013  

‘Believe In Me’ debut single release on COLONEL RED’s own label, ‘Ink Rebellion’
available for purchase on iTunesAmazon, COLONEL RED Bandcamp, and all major outlets

Cutting edge UK J Funksta, COLONEL RED, releases his brand new single, ‘Believe In Me’ on the ‘Ink Rebellion’ label, November 22nd 2013, taken from his upcoming ‘Redlight’ album.
COLONEL RED’s brand new single ‘ Believe In Me’In order to do this, I enchant her by taking my time and put my arms around her,
I reassure her that I am here for her, to love, cherish and honour her,
create with and for her, to make a beautiful life with her, and all I ask in return,
is for her to believe in me.
‘From the moment the track starts you know you are hearing something special.
Instinctive inflected horn stabs and dark snare drums give way to a Sly Stone like Fender Rhodes melody that just whispers across a laidback funk groove.
A hint of ethereal angelic otherworldly voices hover as the bass line drops seductively.
Then the lead vocal slides in relaxed and gritty. You can hear every soulful confident breath. From the opening line the listener is absolved of any responsibilities.
“ You don’t have to make me glad or make me sad “
The punctuated piano stabs and electronic glitches promise no worries and ask only for wholehearted belief and you can’t help wanting to shout back yes I believe.
“ You don’t have to be that girl whose heart never sings “
No suffocating love is offered just space and time as the song just softly snakes its subtle way into your heart.
“ Take all the need you feel if your need is real “.

The ascending ad libs at the end take the listener beyond any meaning to some cosmic space where faith is the light of the stars made brighter by the dark spaces between.’
Paul Martin A&R/ Creative Consultant

Gilles Peterson BBC Radio 6
“another Big Voice after this”,..Gilles Peterson introducing the debut track ‘Believe In Me’, from the new Colonel Red album ‘ Red Light’ ,
‘that is a  h e a v y  tune,… he’s been making some incredible music ,..
under the radar really,.. his name is COLONEL RED,.’
Gilles Peterson BBC Radio 6/gillespetersonworldwide.com

Neo Soul Singer Colonel Red at Vocal Booth Weekender 2011




SOUL MUSIC, like all genres, is ever evolving. Those artists that best embrace new trends and effectively utilise the latest technology, not only with their artistic output, but also with the marketing of their wares, are the ones that generally receive critical acclaim. The soul singer of today is a very different animal than what emerged from the original Rhythm & Blues style of the 60s. To emerge into the mainstream over the last 15 years are names like, D'Angelo, Amp Fiddler, Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq, John Legend, Cee-Lo and a promising independent artist from Birmingham, soon to showcase his talent here, Colonel Red.

Back in the late 60s, record producer Norman Whitfield re-invented the Motown Sound by mixing soul with psychedelic rock, for what become known as psychedelic soul. Following the lead of Jimi Hendrix in psychedelic rock, psychedelia began to have a widespread impact on black artists, particularly the stars of the Motown label. Groups like the The Temptations moved from being a relatively light vocal group, to deliver much more serious material. As tastes began to change during the 70s, psychedelic soul paved the way for the development of funk and disco music, and the next new thing.

Technology started to make a serious impact at the turn of the 70s. After the decline of disco and funk in the early 80s, soul music became heavily influenced by electro music. It became less raw and more slickly produced, resulting in a style known as contemporary R&B. It wasn't until the soul "revival" movement in mid 90s, that 'neo soul' emerged into the mainstream. Neo soul was a term coined to market and describe a style of music that emerged from soul and contemporary R&B, and perhaps could be better redefined as black pop music as it draws influences from several popular genres.This brings us to the sound of Colonel Red and the release of his third album, Keep Walkin, on 9th Sep, perhaps indicating the similar mindset that the spirit of Whitfield shares with this project. Accompanied in production by keyboard player Erik Ritfeld, Redz has penned a collection of profound original tunes which resonate influences from the past, life stories from the present, and a vision for the future, all delivered with lush vocals straight from the heart. Less electro sounding than Sweet Liberation (2009) and Blue Eye Blak (2005), Redz opts for a more soulful approach this outing. If you're an open-mindind ol' soul boy, looking to revisit the bygone days of Marvin Gaye with an added twist of modern beats then this album is for you. But don't take my word for it, sample Keep Walkin at http://www.tokyodawn.net/colonelred/


Colonel Red will be performing poolside at DJ Andy Ward's Vocal Booth Weekender at the Montepiedra Hotel in Campoamor on Sunday 18th Sep. For ticket and booking info visit www.vocalboothweekender.com