Legislation would have us believe "in the light of recent events" black people are experiencing mass murder & discrimination of severe proportions. The truth is there’s nothing recent about the mass murder of black people & of catastrophic proportions, as this has been the way for hundreds of years. 

What’s more disturbing is how this system, 'particularly' in the USA, has made this derision not only possible, but legal, as the 13th amendment informs us.. 

Millions of slaves given freedom in exchange for incarceration, written proof that the 13th amendment was simply a transition from enslaved to jailed.  

'Black bodies 'Moving Through Orbit' is a poetic sermon expressing the emotional & intellectual evolution of black people & our response to the effects & conditions of slavery, both past & post present, it is a commentary on where we began, where we are now, & where we are headed. 

It is my belief, that we will always need reminding of what has gone past, in order to establish just how heinous these crimes were then, let alone what they are now!  

The accepted ideology that black people were inferior to other races not only carried the penalty of extreme cruelty, often ending in death, but enforced deep seeded physiological beliefs of low self worth that is ever present in today’s society, the severity of which such conditioning is still being validated right through to the present day. 

The law provides guide lines to direct & protect either 'party' inside of our communities arena, however the clear disparity between the privileged & the abused whom have suffered far too much & for far too long have not been factored into equate these laws accurately!?  

Leaving us with a huge marginal grey area as to whether we can comprehend just how severe the effect of over 400 years of slavery has had on black people & our place in the world. 

So we work to create our very own Utopia, by building on our experiences both positive & negative, we assimilate, by being fiercely creative, through music, film, sport & art. We are developing our businesses to reflect & enforce our independence. Our understanding of ourselves, & the world we have found ourselves in, is improving by the day. Yes we face resistance, yet this resistance that once held us in captivity has now become the very bedrock of opportunity to impress upon anyone seeking to enslave us just how obscene this notion is. By teaching the oppressor how one can really elevate themselves, not by methods of cupidity, but by self love & confidence, traits clearly missing from the mind set of anyone who would seek to so violently enslave for their own gain.

'Black Bodies Moving Through Orbit'  taken from the book  'A Look At Our Future'  by Colonel Red aka Nicholas S Romillie