The power of the written word, Indelible 'Ink' cannot be blotted out, ‘Rebel Lion’,. Rising in opposition against the conformed establishment with lion strength and authority. BRITISH URBAN SOUL ROCK Ink Rebellion, creative portal for all new & bonified COLONEL RED releases!, born out of necessity in 2012, together with co-director 'Clio S. Anderaz' to realign the creative path & direction for the artist, as opposed to an outside entity. Ink Rebellion, A Studio Art Boutique label, stands for devotion to a cause and the refusal to compromise a truth; in this case the truth is sharing the originality of COLONEL RED music with his audience. "Independence is key to any kind of real present & future in a creative business" Redz explains,..'the music industry has changed and is still changing rapidly, there's no place for run catch up?. This change we are experiencing is aggressive and will leave you behind, so my advice is to act on your instincts & stay true to your reasons for playing in such a sport.' First comes inspiration, then comes creation, once creation is complete, then comes the question,.. what ,who next? what label can we approach? who can we get to believe in my/our music enough to do a great job with it!? In this case, Ink Rebellion was & is the answer to this common question, market, promote and sell such a unique product of music & art takes belief of a kind, to spend the time & money necessary to reach as many people as humanly possible with this particular product takes dedication & understanding! Ink Rebellion offers all the above, explains Redz, and still there's more!!?! for if you are not devoted to something worth loosing sleep over & counting the small victories as well as the larger ones! then you're simply going through the motions & possibly compromising your ability to achieve true success! INK REBELLION TEAM : Managing Director & Project Co ordinator : Clio S Anderaz Creative Director : COLONEL RED Photography & Cover Art Illustrator : Madison Cyber Service : Ariana D'Ermo

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