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'The House of Colonel Red' release's DANCE FLOOR FIRE! ‘LEGACY’ is the brand new release on the Ink Rebellion label from Neo Soul Rock Giant Colonel Red.

Storming the dance with this Majestic Steel Plate in clubs worldwide ,the Legacy Ep is a broken soul street funk, sweetened with the deep n prophetic raspy sound of Colonel Red's soaring high powered vocals. Colonel Red 'brings the rush' with his very own unique brand of tribal rock funk. The 'Legacy Ep' has it down cold, with each track riveting, funkular & fresh with melody, the fusion here is one of a kind, rampant , transient & totally joyous. Top line hooks carry weightlessly across crazy fugue beats, while the verse's nail you with profound meaning, Redz is clearly holding nothing back as he sparses the mix from 'Overide' to 'Change the Light' This 6 track player is reminiscent of the days when Co-oP unleashed its musical magic upon audiences everywhere ruling the new & uncertain future of Neo Soul music with explosive diversity reaching all of the key music lead cities with a buzz still lingering to this very day.

'Stand Different' but don't 'Stand Alone', says Redz..’ then you have a true direction for yourself, your life & the music you make.’ The West London Broken scene is where it all started back in the mid 90's with some of the most forward thinking producers & Dj's on the music scene at that time. Bugz in the Attic's Afronaut / Daz IQ & Kaidi Tatham / IG Culture / 4Hero's Marc Mac & Dego are some of the most revered for bringing great songs to radical broken beats, not only setting an incredible atmosphere, they also set the bar pretty high for all that followed. Colonel Red being one of them. Although a veteran of the art with his earlier work on major labels including Atlantic, Warner Bros & Sony, through the 90's, Redz was introduced to the broken scene at the turn of the Millennium when good friend & colleague Paul Martin {Talkin Loud / Gilles Peterson} invited Redz to guest on the critically acclaimed ‘Beatless’ album as a featured artiste together with Alex Attias, Mark De Clive Lowe & Ed Motto to name a few. This collaboration would eventually turn into a 5 track feature for Colonel Red, establishing Redz as being the voice of Beatless & the start of a whole new era for Colonel Red earning him the title of being the most sought after vocalist on the international broken soul scene. Redz went on to collaborate with IG Culture & Kaidi Tatham on Liquid Biskit's 'Inner Wars' Ep, Sweet Abraham - 'All I Want' ,'Bugz in the Attic'/Daz IQ/Afronaut 'Soon Come', Alex Attias-'Pass the Chain'. All tracks were big hitters catching the attention of producer-dj's abroad in Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, to name a few. Now Colonel Red much in demand, pulls his artistic weight as a seasoned writer, no stranger to intense studio work fellow colleagues found Redz to be a writing wizard, etching endlessly from one song to the next. Later this would transpire from work on singles & Ep's to collaborations on albums. 1st came the Blue Eye Blak album Redz self produced, debut released in 2005 on the 'People' label, then came his co-productions on RUEDY- Flowriders, 'Feel Glorious' - Milez Benjiman, 'Sweet Liberation' - Colonel Red's follow up album to BEB, 'Crazy Breed' C.O.N.E/Colonel Red, which went on to produce another big floor hit with 'Victim'. Running along side these collabs were tracks 'Its gonna be alright', 'Let that sound out' & 'Feel the Rush', all tracks huge dance floor hits on this incredible Neo Soul Jazz scene. Redz joint ventures became endless. Now the Legacy continues, from the distant shores of North America where Redz now resides running his very own label & producing all Colonel Red music totally independent, empowered & a force to be reckoned with release after release of pure radical class.

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